Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I'm busy. I'm not able to write posts, I also have no Internet. Sorry :(

Sunday, December 25, 2011

25th day of Calendars

Today it's 25th and you can buy:

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Calendar gifts

Today it's 24th of December, I hoped we've found something nice in Calendars. I remember when it was 2009, 24th of Dec, then I got 25 stardollars and free dress. But today it's penguin (Advent Calendar) and cabinet (Hot Buys Calendar)

Starplaza sale

There's a sale at:
*Bonjour Bizou
*Pretty in love

○Free Beauty and the Beast 3D Dress

 Free Beauty and the Beast 3D Dress

If you live in USA you should already have gifts in Suite (if you don't have it log into Stardoll again)

If you aren't from USA, use one proxy:
Paste into the bar Click "Go" or something like it. Log in, wait till page loads. Leave proxy. Gift will be in suite.

Loading pages may presist long.

Pick of the Day

Monogram Satchel
14 stardollars
Gucci Holiday Tribute Store

Friday, December 23, 2011

Calendar Gifts

It's 23th of December, so tomorrow it's eve. Today you can buy glitter pink top (60 starcoins / Advent Calendar) and necklace (8 stardollars / Hot Buys Calendar).

Special price for Beach Villa and Penthouse

Stardoll's sent us message that Beach Villa costs 199 stardollars and Penthouse - 149 stardollars. It's a special price, be quick :)


New D-Signed clothes

Stardoll made next collection of D-Signed. As always it's not for all countries but you can buy clothes by this link: HERE
What about you? Which collection do you like?

Pick of the Day

Bejeweled Drape Bodysuit
13 stardollars
Other World store

New Other World

Here is new one floor of Other World:
 I'm really in love with rose headdress and the ghost. Any opinions?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

○Free Animated Childine Bear

Free Animated Childline Bear 
picture taken from How To Get Free

For UK
If you live in UK click here and send a postcard. You mustn't write your real email address but in the ending must be written @gmail, @hotmail etc.

If you don't live in UK, use proxy like or or or
In the empty bar write and click enter. Log in, fill boxes E-mail (You mustn't write your real email address but in the ending must be written @gmail, @hotmail etc.) and To.
 Click "Send e-card" and wait till page loads. Then leave proxy. The gift will be in Childline bag.

Day 22 in Calendars

Today you can buy candles and box with shoe. As always, they're available for two days.

3 for 2 - Glam'r'us

Do you remember when staff made an offer "3 for 2"? It's again but this time in Glam'r'us.
How it works?
Choose three items from Glam'r'us and put them into card. There will be 3rd item marked as 0 stardollars. Then just buy it :)

Beauty Parlor change

Now when you click on a item in Beauty Parlor there's an information about brand, price and name.
I'm glad it's finally done. You also can learn who has designed for example a hair or something from StarDesign Jewelry etc.

Pick of the Day

Upside Down Tree
69 starcoins
Seasonal (Suite shop)

New StarDesign clothes

There are new patterns at StarDesign Fashion:
Starplaza versions:
Big skirt - Other World
Trousers - Fallen Angel

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hot Buys Dress

Today you can buy in HB Calendar Hot Buys Mesh Dress. 

Pick of the Day

Pacman Tree
15 stardollar
Seasonal (Suite Shop)

Gucci Holiday Tribute

New "holiday" store, Gucci:

Stardesign change

There are new logos for Stardesign Fashion and Stardesign Interior. They look so:
Do you like it...?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Calendar Gifts Day 20

Today available:
Save the Queen headpiece/Advent Calendar

Painting/Hot Buys Calendar

I am very angry because there are mistakes at posts, there should be 20 posts on the main page! Also some pictures don't show. Fck blogger.

Pick of the Day

White Snow Poodle
20 stardollars
Apres Ski

Monday, December 19, 2011

Last chance for Chanel

Stardoll's sent us message:
Last chance... only till 21th!

Apres Ski

There's a new store. It's Apres Ski.
Clothes from this store are for winter, you can find there a lot of furs, coats, jackets and boots. By the way - there are two dogs and white hawk to buy.

Calendar Gifts

Last gifts from Calendars:
Advent Calendar:

 All for Non-SS

Hot Buys Calendar:

As always all for Superstar.