Thursday, September 22, 2011


I'm offline till 17th of October ^^ Going to a sanatorium.
Of course, I won't be writing any post.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pick of the Day

Voile Teal Star Studded Gown
21 stardollars

○Free Jessie TV

Free Jessie Bag

If you're from USA visit this page
If you aren't from there, use proxy like:
Now into the bar paste: Click "Go" or something like it. Log into Stardoll.. If page loaded, leave proxy. The gift is in "Jessie" bag.

Facebook gifts

Send today:

Rio and Pretty in Love JCPenney store

In different spoilers you could already see the coming clothes for JCPenney store. This store is available only for USA, but here is the link to them:

Prices aren't high, much of clothes are for starcoins.

New interiors

Now you may buy not limited interiors fromYoung Hollywood store:

Monday, September 19, 2011

○Free Soul Surfer Gift

Free Soul Surfer Gift

For UK

If you're from UK... visit this page by clicking here
If you aren't from UK - use proxy like:
Paste into the bar:; then click "Go" or something like it. Log in, change URL: Click "Go" again. Wait till page will load, it is in bag.

Young Hollywood realised

Have you bought anything from new YH? Obviously, everything is for Superstars. Prices are a little bit higher than from previous collection. 25-175 stardollars


New doll

Helene Fischer

About her
Helene Fischer (born August 5, 1984) is a German singer and entertainer. Since her debut in 2005 she has had won several awards, including three "Echo" awards and three "Krone der Volksmusik" awards.

During her time at the Stage & Musical School, her mother secretly copied a demo CD with six songs of Helene and communicated it to different recording studios to gauge the reaction of professionals.
Her circle of fans extends beyond Germany in large part to Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Scandinavia.
Helene's debut on stage took place on May 14, 2005 in a program of the TV channel ARD. It was a duet with the singer Florian Silbereisen. The two later became a couple.

Her popularity has seen great success; she has won three prestigious “Echo” (German Grammy) awards, the coveted “Goldene Henne” twice, and the “Krone der Volksmusik” prize three times. All her albums and DVDs have achieved multiple gold and double platinum status. Her songs, with their stories of the everyday worries and woes of home-loving folks, are lyrically close to what the English speaking world calls “Country” although musically quite different.

She released her first English album, "The English Ones", on June 7, 2010. The album was produced by Jean Frankfurter, one of the most renowned German producers, composers and arrangers of the previous 40 years. The album opens new horizons for Helene: “I have always dreamed of singing my songs in another language. English is the language of Country, the music that we call ’Schlager’. Language is a tool, but it is important that what you sing comes from the heart – and that is what this album is about.”