Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bye bye!

I don't want to write this blog anymore, it's kinda boring and tiring. I also have some exams at school, so I'm often absent. I stopped visting Stardoll often.
You surely noticed my posts were short and late.
I won't delete any post so feel free to read them, but remember: FREE ITEMS DON'T WORK.
I also took off commenting.

You can stay with me via stardoll.

Some statistics:
I wrote 1333 posts
Most of you found this blog via google

(that's my picture taken from "Statistics" section of blog)

And most of you are from


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Safer Internet Day & free 50 starcoins

There's new campaign - Safer Internet Day. It will be available on Stardoll for 7 days.

Stardoll is supporting Safer Internet Day 2012 with a fun campaign!
Starting today, you will be able to answer a question in the calendar above. Each time you answer correctly, you will win an exclusive item or Starcoins. If all seven answers are correct, you will receive 24 hours of Superstar membership!*

And don’t miss the SID StarMovie contest

Read more about Safer Internet Day here

Find out more about Safer Internet Day in your country here.

*If you are already a Superstar, you will receive an extra Superstar day added to your current membership.

Cut it! Valentines

Stardoll sent a message about new version of Cut it! game. If you click the message you're redirected to page where you can download this game for your iPhone or iPod.

New Polished and Sprinkled

There are some new nail polishes. They cost 16-17 stardollars.
Their main theme is Valentine day. Purple, blue, pink, red -such colors dominate here.

and new Sprinkled must be too.
I like the rose items, especially stickers.

Hot Buys

1. Hot Buys Wedges (January collection)
As you see it costs 11 stardollars. It's not high price.

2. Hot Buys Exotic Sunglasses

Do you like any of them?

Pick of the Day

Cream Lace Ruffle Dress
14 stardollars
Voile store


The first thing: I'm sorry for my absence, but I'm on winter holidays.
Second: I'm going to put pictures again.
Mekhari :)